In February, Alan and I had dinner with John and Melissa, a couple who we met at Grace Church in Lakeland and who we’ve known for approximately seven years. In the last two years, they went on a short-term mission trip to the Dominican Republic with their daughter, Kate. They returned feeling as though God was leading them to the Dominican Republic. Now they are selling their home and preparing to move there in May. As we sat eating dinner, I desired to be in their shoes.

Several weeks ago at church I was observing a young family with two children. They are preparing to move to Serbia in the next several months where the husband’s family is originally from. They, like Alan and I, desire to be missionaries. As I sat observing this family, I welled up with tears of longing and envy . . . then I remembered that Alan and I would be going to Kenya in only two months.

Likewise, this past weekend, Alan and I visited a friend’s church in North Carolina where Alan spoke about our upcoming trip. Before the service I was looking at some amazing and beautiful pictures taken on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa. I again felt my emotions and tears surge and had to remind myself that our vision trip is only five weeks away.

It’s been so long since I first felt the desire to move overseas and be a missionary, and for many years God closed those doors when Alan and I tried to pursue going. Now, the doors have opened for Alan and I to take this two week trip to Kenya, and they appear to be opening for us to move there to be long-term missionaries. However, the reality of it hasn’t hit me yet, and it probably won’t until I am on that plane flying to Kenya. May God help my disbelief.


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