Much of my boyhood, at least the summers, were spent on the Suwannee River with my grandpa. Sometimes we would spend a week in his single wide trailer, fishing with beetle spins for undersized brim, mowing the grass with push mowers, or visiting some of his old railroad buddies that had purchased land in this area. This story isn’t about those things, though. It’s actually about the trip to the Suwannee. Specifically, it’s about a little restaurant called Frogs.

Frogs is a barbecue restaurant located in Williston, Florida. When Papa and I would make the trip to the Suwannee, we would always—and I mean always—stop and eat at Frogs. My earliest memory of Frogs was a restaurant/convenient store. We would walk up to a window inside the restaurant, order a large pulled pork barbecue sandwich, get a canned Coke from the store, then pay up front. Since that time, Frogs has burned down about four times. This was always strange to me, because you would think they would learn what to do to prevent the building from burning. But obviously not. I digress…

This past week I made another trip up to the Suwannee River, stopping at Frogs along the way for the pulled pork barbecue sandwich. Having become somewhat of a connoisseur of barbecue, since I lived in North Carolina for two years, I can truly say that Frogs barbecue sandwich might be the best barbecue sandwich east of the Mississippi. You can order this sandwich with any heat intensity that you want– mild, medium, or hot. I always get hot. There’s no other way to get it. The buns are toasted and the meat is falling off the sandwich. Wow!!

As I pulled out of Frogs to continue my trek to the Suwannee, I began to think that when we get to Africa, I won’t get to eat another sandwich. No, wait!! I got it. What I can do is beg and plead for some generous soul to make the trip to Frogs, get the sandwich—did I say it was the best barbecue sandwich east of the Mississippi—, and ship it (quickly) to Africa. Now many of you might be laughing at this prospect, but think of it this way: You not only get to eat a great sandwich, but you also get more crowns in heaven for helping a lowly missionary.

Until next time…


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