Hippie Buses and Saturns

One might not think that hippie buses and Saturn cars have very much in common besides the obvious automobile stuff. Well, your’re right—even more than you know. I purchased a 1981 Volkswagen Camper bus a little while ago for something in which to have fun and live a little. This bus is in very good shape considering the year that it was made. No, it doesn’t have peace symbols all over it. No, I am not smoking any hippie lettuce in it. However, I can see why people have a high amount of passion for these buses, with its quaint style and charm. There are a few things malfunctioning in it, like the heater and passenger window. But for the most part it runs like a top (with a motor). Top…did I mention that it sleeps four people quite easily.

Digressing, as some of you know we made this trip to North Carolina this past weekend to speak at Race City Church, meet with old friends, and to drop my vdub at a mechanic that I highly respect and admire as a mechanic and person. The way that this was going to happen was for Tywonn to follow me up there, but I told her to go ahead of me because I would not be able to get started until late. But the best laid plans were not to be as Tywonn made it only to Jacksonville before her transmission began to slip. Tywonn had to sit there in Jacksonville for almost an hour and a half before her transmission decided to kick in. To make a long story short, Tywonn made it to North Carolina on her bum transmission, but the funny part of all was that we were going to fix the vdub and ended up having to fix the Saturn.

While we were up there, we did have the mechanic look at the Saturn. He said that the Saturn would need an entire transmission overhaul. This is not good news for a couple of poor wanting missionaries, but we knew that God has everything a control. When I asked my mechanic friend what it would cost to fix the transmission he told me that it would be approximately $500 to $1000. When I returned home, however, I found that most mechanics did not operate on his system. They were charging at minimum a whopping $2000 to fix the transmission. It was at this point I called my mechanic friend back in North Carolina and told him that I needed a miracle. And did he ever come through. He said that he would fix the transmission for $600. I said where you do sign up.

With that said, I’m heading back to NC, just me and the Saturn. Tywonn and I named the Saturn the Green Hornet, but upon further review, I’ve changed the name to the Green Turd. I’ve had a lot of people crack on my Volkswagen, but I think the cracking needs to be on the Saturn instead. So unlike James Taylor, in my Saturn I’m headin’ to Carolina.


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