Luggage Chase

On the way over here I was envisioning how our African adventure would begin. It could begin by being stopped by the police after we violated some clandestine law and them trying to extort us for money. It might begin by eating Kenyan food that did magic tricks to our digestive system, i.e. Montezuma’s revenge. Or it might start by going to the market, being poked and prodded by Kenyans as they smelled fresh newbies right off the plane. However, my dreams were far different than reality as the adventure began long before we even got close to Africa.
We began our trip in Orlando flying out at 5:30pm local time headed for London—Gatwick Airport. The plane ride “over the pond,” as the Brits call it, was nice. The food that was served was decent for airplane food and the movie selection wasn’t that bad either. When we disembarked at Gatwick the adventure began. It took about 30 minutes to get through British customs and retrieve our luggage. However, we could not get our entire luggage because one bag was mysteriously missing. We had no idea where it was traveling. For all we knew it could have been headed to India or the South Pacific. What happened, though, was someone took our piece of luggage by mistake and was 30 minutes from the airport before they realized this mistake. As they headed back to the airport we were sweating because we had to catch a bus to get to our next airport, London—Heathrow. I know what many of you might be thinking. ‘Why would you have to leave one airport to get to another one?” This would take too long to explain, but have you ever heard of the good ol’ boy system. Enough said.
After our bag arrived, we jumped on the bus with little time to spare. The ride from one airport to the next was nice. This part of England reminded me of the Northeast with its rolling hills, lush green pastures, and scattered sheep. This ride took about 45 minutes, which left us with even less time to get to our connecting flight. We got our luggage checked in and headed to the screening process. I have never been singled out for the “random” screening, but wouldn’t ya know, this time I was. Because I was chosen for this great honor, they couldn’t leave Tywonn out. As I was being stripped searched….just kidding. But, really, after the random screening, Tywonn ran to our gate, which was just about to close, and told them that I was on my way.
Thinking the worst was behind us, we relaxed for the flight into Nairobi, where we discovered that none of our bags had arrived with us. They would arrive the next day, we were told. Well, to put an end to this story, our bags have arrived and all is well in them. Who said we would have to wait until we got to Africa for our adventure to begin. Who knows what’s next!!



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4 responses to “Luggage Chase

  1. Anonymous

    Hey, glad you guys got there ok. We were praying for you over the weekend. On my last trip to Brazil, they lost my colleagues bag and it didn’t show up until six weeks later. In Sao Paulo, we had to wait two hours for passport control. I’m readying your blog in the Tampa airport, waiting for a flight to California. Next week, off to Brazil again. I’ll be praying for you all week. -Greg Schrader

  2. Anonymous

    glad to hear you got there safely. I saw Tywoon’s luggage in the trunk of the car. Alan where was your carry on? Be safe, may God go with you both.

  3. Renata C

    hello!!! We are glad you made it!! All Sat and Sunday we were thinking about you.. what an adventure with the luggage…very funny…. Have fun!! I am always praying for you guys… take care,
    Renata, Ed and Lucas

  4. Mandy Devine

    Hey guys…so glad you made it safely! Sounds like you caught the Devine travel disease when you were here last (lost luggage, 7 out of 10 trips)…our Romanian trip had much the same flair. Glad you finally received it all…Keith spent the entire two weeks in Romania without his:) We will be continuosly praying for you both while you are gone. Can’t wait to hear more and see what God does while you’re there! My love…Mandy

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