What Did It Feel Like When…??

by Alan

I’m from Polk County, Florida, which, for all you people who are not from Florida, is probably one of the redneck capitals of Florida. It still operates under a good ol’ boy system, you will still find people living in Polk County who were born and raised there, and you can still go to a drive in movie theatre to watch movies (unless the mosquitoes don’t carry you away). So, I think quite a bit about Jeff Foxworthy’s little quips: You might be a redneck when… Now, before I move on and in my defense, I only fit about 20% of his sayings. I know that still makes me a redneck, but at least I’m not a full fledged one.

I have many people ask me something along the same vein as Foxworthy’s statement since I returned from Africa, the cradle of civilization. Many have asked, “What does/did it feel like when…?” So, I thought I would have an answer and question time. Here goes…

What did it feel like when you left for Africa knowing that a plane had just crashed in Africa? Tywonn and both agree that it was actually fortunate for us that this plane crashed, even though it was tragic for those on the plane and their families. Statistics usually point to safer plane rides after an accident like that one.

What did it feel like when you ate crocodile? Tywonn and I both agree that we didn’t especially like crocodile because it tasted extremely fishy. I think it was that way that it was prepared because I have eaten alligator before and it is usually pretty good.

What did it feel like to feed a giraffe and pet a cheetah? Feeding the giraffe’s was probably one of the best parts of the trip for me. Their tongues are very gooey, though. It was neat to pet the cheetah, even though he was as tame as a house cat.

What did it feel like in Kenya versus Cameroon? Kenya was somewhat cold getting into the low 60’s at night and seldom reaching 80 during the day. Cameroon, however, was much like the weather in Florida, although there was a much more rainforest feel to it, with its dense vegetation and 3500ft altitude.

What does it feel like to know where you are eventually headed? That was what this trip was designed to do, to figure out if we fit into the plans for us in Africa. We absolutely fit into those plans and are looking to return mid to late next year.

What does it feel like to be back at home? The trip was a blast, but there is still no place like home.


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