Lovin’ the Love Bugs

The tiny plot of land between our townhome and garage is booming with wildlife. We are visited by many small creatures like love bugs, lizards, and a type of green tree frog.

Love bugs are something that I have only seen in Florida. When I first moved to this state at 19, no one had warned me about them. I got into my car early one morning to head off to class and saw what I could only describe as a two-headed lightning bug without the light on its underbelly. Later that day when I informed my mom and step-dad of the strange new insect that I had seen, they laughed at me and explained that it was a love bug (called this because it is not a two-headed bug, but two insects continuously mating). They actually fly and walk around stuck together. Well, these love bugs come to Florida in swarms twice a year and are quite a nuisance. Not only do they leave many white smears all over the windshield, but their bodies will chip away at your vehicle paint if not washed within a few days.

Alan and I have many small lizards that run around and live in our backyard. They typically don’t cause any problems, and if you are able to catch one, it may try to bite you but it won’t hurt. A few times a lizard has managed to slip into the house while the door was open. When this happens, I try to catch it and put it back outside. However, one time the lizard ran into the branches and leaves of our fake fichus tree. Although I spotted him once, it was very easy for him to hide. I gave up and over the next several days, I would occasionally hear him moving about in his new home.

At certain times of the year, there are also small green tree frogs that live in our backyard. Early morning and late evening are usually the best times to spot the frogs climbing up the sides of the house. Several months ago I went outside to check the mail and a frog was sitting right in the middle of the porch. I was afraid that he would get stepped on so I decided to convince him to move to a safer location. I started by bringing my hand up behind him, but he didn’t budge. Next I actually touched and nudged him, but no matter what I did, this frog would not move from that spot. I finally picked him up with my hands and carried him to the grass where I tried to push him off. Since the frog wouldn’t jump off, I carried him in the palm of my open hand to the mailbox and back. If I turned my hand, he would turn his head so that he could continue to look in the direction I was walking. When we arrived back at the house, I put my friend in the grass where his risk of being stepped on was less.

Although some Florida creatures can be annoying, much of it can be enjoyable. No matter where I live, I continue to appreciate the wildlife that God has given us.

by Tywonn


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  1. Andrea

    Cute. Hey,thanks for my bookmark.

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