John, Melissa, & Kate Hanley

John and Melissa Hanley were both raised in Christian homes, accepted the Lord at young ages, and were called into lives of Christian service. It was this calling that led them both to a Christian college in Lakeland, Florida. While John was earning his degree in Psychology, he met Melissa, who was earning her degree in Secondary Education. Upon graduation from Southeastern, they married and decided to call Lakeland their home.

John began working at a psychiatric treatment center and Melissa began teaching middle school science. Six years later, in 2001, their daughter Kate was born, and Melissa has had the privilege of staying home with her.

In 2003, John began working on his masters’ degree in Social Work and Healthcare Administration while continuing to work full-time as director of a medical clinic in Tampa, Florida. The grueling schedule of a double major and a full-time job has taught both John and Melissa a lot about themselves, each other, and life itself.

In the spring of 2000, John and Melissa became bonded with Grace Church. They have been active in a small group ministry, Sunday school leadership, and pastoral counseling since that time. They are excited to see how God has prepared them to be His servants in a brand new way.

On site (in the Dominican Republic) with New Missions, John will administrate a community health center that will serve the entire north coast region and Melissa’s teaching skill will be used in the mission school programs. John & Melissa will serve in a leadership role bringing physical health to those in need while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone who comes through the doors. This large brand new clinic sits adjacent to the 500-seat tent church and a mission school for the impoverished children and the North coast. Kate is excited, too, as she is now learning Spanish so she can communicate better with her “Spanish friends”.


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