The Art of Rearranging

When Steve, Becky, and I were planning to come to the Dominican, we had copious amount of stuff to bring for the missionaries and Dominicans like medical supplies, clothes, office supplies, and amenities that you just can’t find in the Dominican, like good butter (according to John). We also had to bring our personal belongings. This would have been pretty easy to accomplish had we been traveling in a truck with an enormous amount of storage space. However, our road trip to Miami was in a mid-size sedan. So, we packed heavy in a few suitcases with my stowed luggage weighing around 40 lbs. while Steve and Becky’s luggage weighed over 70 lbs., 84 and 80 lbs. to be exact.

The heavy bags didn’t go over too well with the American Airlines ticket agent who said that the bags had to weigh under 70 lbs. or they wouldn’t be allowed under the plane. But before Steve & Becky checked their luggage in, I was able to check mine in. I was then supposed to take my bags to another place where they would be scanned. While I waited to take my bags to their designated spot, I discovered what had happened to Steve & Becky’s luggage. So we took some of their ballast and stuck it in my bags, then reweighed their luggage with both of them passing. The key to all this was I never went back and reweighed my luggage because technically it had already been weighed.

So that it is the art of rearranging luggage then sneaking out… Stay tuned as I rearrange my life to fit the Dominican lifestyle.


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