The Wind Always Blows

As our plane descended into Puerto Plata, I looked outside to notice that most of the palm tree’s frawn were blowing—and blowing hard. This surprised me a little because I have been down the Florida Keys where the wind always blows, but I thought it was because the land mass of the Keys where so small. But I guess, it doesn’t matter what type of island you might be on, the wind always blows.

John said that this was the norm for the island and that it was a very good thing. He said that if the wind did not blow this hard the heat would be almost unbearable. Was he sooooo right. The first night sleeping here wasn’t near as bad because the wind was wafting through the two windows in my room. The wind also pushes people outside of their house, because it is cooler on the porch than it is in their living room. This, in turn, fosters a closer knit community because there are always people sitting on their porch talking with other people.


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One response to “The Wind Always Blows

  1. Alvie L. Davidson CG

    I guess the wind is a true blessing to the folks in that area of the world.

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