So there we were walking through some of the tourist trap shops when John saw someone that he knew: Juan (John in Spanish). Juan, who looked to be in his early 50’s, was playing dominoes with four other Dominicans on a square board on a stand; all of this was taking place under the shade of multiple trees. They would not talk during the game, but would slam down every piece onto the board. When we walked up Juan insisted that we should jump in the game. We tried to decline, Juan was having none of that.
The stage was set at that point. It was Steve and me, against John and Juan. For all of you who are dominoes deficient, like myself, all the players get seven pieces apiece to begin the game. At that point, the player who has the doble seis is the first to go. Once the initial game is finished, the person who won the last game (Or is it match? I don’t know.) gets the honor of going first. If the person lays a piece down that the person next in turn doesn’t have, his or her team gets 25 points or veinte y cinco. And when someone did get veinte y cinco, they would yell “VEINTE Y CINCO!!” Well, Steve and I were getting our butt kicked the first game, even though we are pros at dominoes. And we had veinte y cinco called on us multiple time.
The second game, however, was much different, as our latent skills began to appear, especially Steve’s master dominoes acumen. The best part of the second game was when Steve got to yell VEINTE Y CINCO!! We all erupted at the table in laughter. This laughter was inoculating as we continued to play well into the evening. For me, this one of the best aspects of the trip. When do you get the opportunity to play dominoes with the locals??

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