The Difficulties of Distance

Great distances of separation between loved ones can be very challenging. This is something that I know from personal experience and recognize that I will endure to even greater degrees in the future.

After graduating from high school, I went off to my freshman year of college in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, an hour and forty-five minute drive from home. Although I didn’t return home every weekend, I could make the drive any weekend that I desired and every holiday without much effort. This made keeping up with others relatively easy.

I moved to Florida the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college. It was a difficult decision, knowing that I would be leaving my sister and youngest brother in PA. I struggled with the knowledge that we could not hang out whenever we wanted and get together for every birthday and holiday as we had in the past. The drive from Orlando to Reading, PA is a long sixteen hours that can be driven in one long stretch or broken into a two day trip if I stop at the home of friends in North Carolina. But the point is . . . it is still no easy, whimsical jaunt.

This is something that I have struggled with on numerous occasions. I have planned visits to PA around graduations. I have missed the weddings of cousins and my own high school reunion due to the short notice of the important dates. Recently, I had to consider making the trip when it was thought that my grandmother’s death was imminent.

I know that when Alan and I move to Africa, I may miss even more significant events. The flight across the Atlantic Ocean (or the big pond as I’ve heard it called a few times) and through two continents will certainly not be on a whim. I might miss the graduation of my youngest brother from high school and my other brother from college. I will miss funerals due to their short notice.

Likewise, my family and friends will probably miss the special happenings in my life because of the distance and difficulties of travel. One of the most important and easily foreseen of these may be the eventual birth of Alan’s and my child.

It is my hope that the pain and difficulties of the great separation can be bridged between me and family and friends. It can be accomplished through letters, e-mails, pictures, telephone calls, and our web site. Frequent contact and detailed descriptions will get us as close to being present as may be possible at the time.

It makes me sad to miss the special occasions of those I love and for those I love to miss my major life events, too. But I know that God is separating us physically so that Alan and I may do something great for Him in Africa. He is keeping you here in the states so that you may also do something amazing for Him.




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2 responses to “The Difficulties of Distance

  1. Andrea

    Wow…it seems as if it has taken some time to get all this in order. Now time is flying! You know, I thought the same thing when I moved here. I wanted to be here for a couple years and then Move to Mexico. Mexico is a different country, but it’s only about a 10 hour drive to where I lived in CA. I am still in the US, but my drive is 44 hours away, which would take me about 3 days if I hauled butt. One can do it in 2, but I like my rest!

    You are going to miss family and friends and nothing will change that, but you are going to see and be a part of the supernatuaral power of God’s hand!

    This is what a lifestyle of worship is…being exactly where He wants us and doing exactly what He created us to do.

    I love you both!

  2. Joel and Eloise


    I totally understand all the thoughts and feelings you have just described in this blog. This is one of my biggest concerns for when Joel & I may someday go work @ RVA in Kijabe, Kenya. It’s extremely hard living away from family…I know since I’ve been in TX for the past 4 years & in WI the year before that. Moving to TX was a more permanent move for me & it was really hard for me & my mom b/c we are so close. I know that we can still get together through planned trips & we take turns traveling to and fro for different holidays, but being in another continent like Africa is a totally different story. Please know that I will be praying for you b/c I can easily empathize with you…and will definitely be able to empathize a 110% with you when Joel & I go over to Kenya in a few years. Anyways, know you are being prayed for…it’s amazing to hear all about what God is doing in and through your life. Thanks for the updates, I love reading them! May you continue to see God’s provision & blessings through all the big and small steps of faith that you take.

    Be blessed,

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