Church Chat

Most of you my age and older and fans of Saturday Night Live know the skit by the church lady, Dana Carvey, called Church Chat. Well, here’s my version.

I had a friend of mine (yes, I do have friends), who attends a church in the area, call me about a conversation he had with someone in leadership at his church. During the conversation, the leader asked my friend if he had led anyone to Christ in the past year. To this he responded that he had been talking with a neighbor about Christ, but had not gotten him to come to church. Once I heard this, I almost exploded. So I asked him is the church a building or a person?

The reason I almost came out of the two legs the good Lord gave me was because he, along with a large percentage of Christians, hold to the belief that the church or Christ resides in a building; and, furthermore, if we don’t attend said building than we are not a Christian and are “forsaking the assembling of believers.” Well, that’s junk. I’m not going to make you read the reasons I think this way, but I want to point out how others around the world are being Christ without ever darkening the door of a church.

  • Missionaries around the world are being Christ to others by feeding, clothing, and sharing God’s Word.
  • People in the states are being Christ by fixing missionaries houses so that they might sell in order to provide the missionaries with more funding.
  • People in the states are participating in home groups, libraries, coffee shops, and bars (that’s right, bars) where they encourage each other by sharing their personal stories.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the church as a building. I think it serves a purpose in the body of Christ. However, to get enthralled and entangled in the web that people must attend a building to be part of Christianity is bunk. The building is for renewal and encouragement. You, the church, are meant to be Christ with skin to those in your immediate community and around the world.

P.S. I know I’m a bit preachy in this blog and promise not to be this way again for at least another month. Promise. Scout’s honor!! Its the church lady coming out in me.



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  1. Alvie L. Davidson CG

    So that is what you did in those late night hours….Dana Carvey…shucks she looks good in a wig.

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