Why I go

It’s easy to lose track of why I chose to be missionary. The missionary training seems to drain me even though it is helpful. Developing partners who will pray for us, tell others about God’s calling on our life, and financially partner with us is at times exhilarating as we watch God tangibly work in our life; however, it can be distracting with the time and effort that is required to make it excellent.

So, I thought I’d briefly write about why I go. (This is as much a reminder for the reader of this blog as it is for me.) It is my heart that missionaries receive excellent care while he or she is serving overseas or domestically. Missionaries encounter multiple challenges while serving like marital problems, child and adolescent issues, and crisis. Because of these everyday challenges, missionaries are sometimes forced to return to their country of origin. I would like to be able to bridge that gap with counseling in order to keep missionaries on the field so that they might be able to fulfill God’s calling on his or her life.

That is why I go. That is why I serve. It is pretty simple. But sometimes simplicity can be lost in the details. Pray for me that I remain focused on God’s call.


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  1. Staring

    Alan and Tywonn-We are praying for you. To do whatever it takes to reach the destination that God is calling you to speaks volumes of who you are in Christ, and challenges us all to seek out the calling God has for each and every one of us. We send you strength to carry on. We are here for you. Matt, Jen and Mary Staring.

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