Flexible Like a Trampoline

Rob Bell in his book Velvet Elvis uses a trampoline metaphor to describe theology. He believes that theology should be more like a trampoline than a brick wall. I’m not going to delve into that can of worms, but I am going to use his metaphor to talk about a situation that happened to me and my buddy Steve over the weekend while we were camping in Winder, GA.

Camping in Charlie the VW was great!! We camped in a GA State Park called Fort Yargo down by the river (for all you SNL deficient people, click here). Our campsite was a full site meaning that it had water and electric hookups since my bus is well equipped with these amenities. On our last morning there, Steve and I were getting packed up to leave when an Asian woman came to ask, in broken English, if she could use our electric to cook breakfast since her campsite was primitive, not electric or running water. We let her use it and I really felt that God was impressing on me to stick around while she did. I didn’t listen.

Too make a long story short, we decided to leave before she was done and told the camp administrator that we were letting her use our campsite. He said that she was stealing because she didn’t pay for electric. I offered to pay, but he still refused. Frustrated, I went back to the camp and told her the news. Growing angry at the inflexibility of the camp administrator, I hooked the van up to OUR electric again and told the woman to put her pot inside the van. This time she was using OUR electric.

Many of you might say that we aided and abetted. But I have a different version. When rules supercede human well-being then the rules need to be broken. Kinda like Christ did when he healed on the Sabbath.




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2 responses to “Flexible Like a Trampoline

  1. Alvie L. Davidson CG

    Sounds like the whole event was a blast. Sounds like this lady might have been mooching off other folks instead of coughing up enough money to pay her way to a better life. Why buy the cow when you can have the milk anyway.

  2. Alvie L. Davidson CG

    I can see the owner having to keep the rules straight or everyone would be trying to get by with something, but… you stepped in and did the Christian thing not worrying about what she might have done previously (the woman at the well) and allowed her to use your electricity. So what if that made you leave a little later, perhaps Jesus got to his appointment a little later than was planned but I doubt that since there are no unforseen events that Jesus doesn’t know about it. A friend

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