The BGC and Float Tubbing

Our time in Denver went swimmingly.  As many of you know, we traveled to Colorado to join the Baptist General Conference (BGC).  Why do you want to join when you are already missionaries with Wycliffe, you might ask?  The reason for this partnership between the two missions agencies is that the BGC is big into medical missions.  Moreover, they have quite a few hospitals in Cameroon where we hope to end up.  All of this will allow Tywonn, a registered nurse, to use her gifts to work with the African people.  We will let you know more about what this partnership will look like.

I am BIG into fishing.  I am BIG into fishing, being on the water, and eating fish.  This is why when my buddy, Jason, who lives in Ft. Collins, asked me if I wanted to try float tubbin’, I quickly replied yes.  Float tubbin’, for ya’ll who don’t know what this is (like me), it is what you sit in a tire-size tube and float in a lake, fishing from the tube.  At first this sounded exciting, but when we got to the spot where we were to fish, my excitement faded because it felt like 20 degrees with the wind chill.

Despite the bone chilling temperatures, Jason and I did happen on three pretty rainbow trout.  After catching the first one caught by Jason, Jason cleaned it, seasoned it and wrapped it in aluminum foil, and cooked it over the small campfire we got going.  Man was it ever good.   The minute I sank  my teeth into that moist meat I knew that God was alive and well in the world.




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One response to “The BGC and Float Tubbing

  1. kd

    yeah, that’s how I felt wade fishing in AK – eating those grilled trout right out of the river. Man, were they good.
    And – it is about 45 here tonight, so welcome to KY!

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