"I can’t counsel missionaries in crisis…"

Why do I support Alan and Tywonn in their mission to Africa? I was asked this question recently and have wondered the same thing myself.

Now, I know all of the right reasons to give to ministry. I know that I am to give percentage of our income back to God. My wife and I have been blessed to with much and it is our privilege to give of what we have been given. I also know, as the old saying goes, it is better to give than to receive. Plus, I am well aware of the tax benefits from giving to non-profits organizations, such as Wycliffe (as a CPA, I highly recommend it).

These are all really great, and very important, reasons to give to Alan and Tywonn, but they are not the real reason I have committed to supporting them in their mission to Africa. I believe in their mission and what God has called them to. Actually, that’s not strong enough. I am completely sold out on their mission. I have watched Alan and Tywonn’s passion grow for Africa and the missionaries and people of Africa over the last seven years. How could I not be drawn in by their excitement and dedication! Alan has a burning passion for missionaries and healing their emotional and spiritual needs. Tywonn has a contagious love for healing those who are physically hurting in the difficult medical conditions of Africa.

So why am I financially helping my good friends move to Africa? Because I feel I am very much a part of their mission. I can’t counsel missionaries in crisis or manage an operating room, but I can help them do their passions by helping fund them. Will you join me in doing so?

Oh, did I mention the benefit of a free place to stay when we go to visit them?

Steve & Becky Weldon


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