Weekend In The Life of a Missionary

Usually Fridays are a time for Tywonn and I to wind down after a long week foraging around busy Orlando. Tywonn usually has to work late while I am able to knock of a bit earlier and prepare dinner for the both of us. This past Friday began a weekend as I imagine many weekends will be like in the coming year. I began a conversation with a potential partner about a month ago. His passion is to prevent malaria in Africa. So we talked over dinner about if and how we can partner with him and his vision to curb malaria in Africa.

Sunday morning we had to rise early (I’m beginning to wonder what sleeping in is really like) to go to church. For those of you who attend a spiritual service, it is in the morning. This is a change for us as our church met at night, until a few weeks ago. This Sunday morning was different than other Sunday mornings as we were blessed with the opportunity to speak at our church, Northland—A Church Distributed. Even though we know most of the people at our church, it is still quite nerve racking getting up in front and speaking, especially for an introvert like me. However, we had a great response to our message!!

Please continue to pray that those who are called to give to God’s call on our life will. If you would like us to speak at your church about our mission, drop us an e-mail (alan_tywonn@juno.com) or give me a call at 407-580-8376. What a weekend—tiring, but fruitful!!




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2 responses to “Weekend In The Life of a Missionary

  1. The Hanley Family

    What is a weekend? I don’t think we have those here!!

  2. Steve

    At least your weekend did not include a trip to the ER!

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