Why We Give

Alan and Tywonn have been chosen to be missionaries. They didn’t ask for this calling. They have prayed long and hard about this. This is not a small undertaking. Not many people would give up two well-paying jobs to go to a country and be solely supported by others. Service is so important to them. Alan has for a long time, even in high-school desired to go to Africa. He just walked to a different beat. (You should ask Alan for pictures when he did have hair—long and straight, braided, and jerry curled.) Tywonn as a registered nurse will be great as a teacher to those who want to be nurses in Africa. Alan and Tywonn are quiet people, but when they begin to talk about the service that is ahead of them, the work that lies ahead, they are on fire—on fire for the Lord.

I was reading the other day in Romans 15:22-33 Paul is almost done with his work in Rome and is looking to move to Spain where the people have not heard much if any of the gospel. He is not only asking for their financial blessings, but also for the prayers in the work as well. Wouldn’t it be great if Alan and Tywonn could devote all their energy to the service of the Lord in Africa? Helping Alan and Tywonn gives me just that exuberance when I tell friends about them.

Mom Davidson

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