Valet Parking Charlie

I’m going to begin this blog by stating somewhat of a controversial statement: I don’t like Christmas–at least the American Christmas.  It seems to me the American Christmas is all about buying gifts and paying homage to the lighted tree, which should have stayed in the ground and helped the ozone layer (I hope that gets me a check plus with all my Creation Care people.)  I think we all ought to swap $20 bills and call it even.  I know, I know.  Hear me out.

What I do think Christmas should be about is having a good time with friends and family (that you get along with) over a good meal.  With this in mind, this is what Tywonn  and I try to do every year.  This year, holding true to form, we were invited to spend time with friends at a nice restaurant in Orlando.  It was their treat–even better.  My buddy thought it would be a great idea to dress nice and take Charlie–my VW bus–to restaurant.  And valet park her.

After pondering this quickly, this sounded like a great idea!!  So, we piled into Charlie and headed out.  The best part of event was when the valet asked me if I was valet parking. The gall!  I responded, “Absolutely.”  He replied, “I like it.”  He then drove her out of the parking lot without even stalling her.  It was a great beginning to a great night!!




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2 responses to “Valet Parking Charlie

  1. Anonymous

    But you did not say how good the meal was? Was it fantastic or mediocre?
    The treat of the valet should have been worth the night.

  2. Anonymous

    An answer the to the last comment – The meal was absolutely wonderful!! No one left hungry!

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