Pure Vacation

During the last week before Alan’s and my vacation to the DR, Alan kept commenting on how we were heading for paradise.  I just rolled my eyes, because he already refers to Florida as “paradise” all the time.  I must admit, though, that Alan’s description of the DR was very accurate.

Alan and I stayed in our missionary friends’ home on the edge of Sosua with a breathtaking view of the
 lush, green countryside.  There are palm and banana trees nearby, 5 horses roaming in the field feeding on grass, and a magnificent view of a mountain in the distance.  At night, it’s dark like back home in rural Pennsylvania; there are very, very few lights to hide the millions of stars (it made me wish I knew the different constellations).

We comfortably enjoyed the days in the 80’s and the nights in the 70’s doing various activities in the DR.  We went to the beach in both Sosua and Cabarete which is very clean and has blue-green water.  We took pleasure in basking in the sun, reading books, and watching the kite surfers and windsurfers.  With the assistance of a cable car, we also admired the beauty of nature high in a mountain in Puerto Plata.

This entire trip was a blessing from God for us.  It was a much needed vacation of rest and relaxation.  It also reinforced God’s far-reaching, mighty power and the magnificence of all of His creation.  Alan and I thank God for this amazing experience and opportunity.



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  1. Anonymous

    Some of us are still in Paradise! Enjoy the cold!!!

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