How Big is Africa?

Because I am from the United States, I never realized how big Africa really was.  I mean, many times I and other Americans refer to Africa as a country not a continent.  Maybe that’s why we minimize the size of the monstrous place.  But, any way that you slice it, Africa is huge.  When Tywonn and were in Africa this past summer, we flew about half way across Africa and it was a four hour flight.  Think about it.  That’s like flying from Orlando to Phoenix.  To us that’s far; to them it’s only half way. 

Missionaries can and do get lost in this massive swath of land.  Look at U2, The Gates Foundation, and many others who think they can actually swarm Africa with large amounts of cash and positively effect the supposed birthplace of man.  But to reach Africa–I mean really make a dent into the whole–humanitarian workers have to take off bite size chunks.  That is why we have chosen a section of Africa: Central Africa.
How am I going to affect Central Africa?  Counseling.  I have such as heart for missionaries serving on this continent.  I have a longing to see them accomplish what they have set out to finish, with God’s leading.  Would you pray with me for these missionaries that resources will abound for them?  Would you pray for me that as we prepare to go that the resources would be available to me.  Africa is waiting.  Little bite size chunks.  Missionaries.  Counseling.



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2 responses to “How Big is Africa?

  1. Beta.CN

    Africa is big. The african problems also are big~

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