One Swingin’ Night

Alan had a delightful surprise for me last night; we went to learn how to swing dance.  Now, this was a really, really BIG DEAL, because, although Alan and I have been married for five and a half years, we have only ever danced together once (and that time was actually before we were even married).

From 8 to 9 pm was the beginner lesson.  We were taught the basic steps and some basic moves which included fancy looking spins for both the women and men.  There were more females than males, so the partners rotated frequently, allowing everyone the opportunity to practice the moves.  However, this did mean that Alan and I didn’t practice together long.

At the end of the lessons, a live band played and everyone was permitted to enjoy themselves, dance, and have fun.  Alan and I took this opportunity to practice what we had learned together.  We were a hysterical mess.  Sometimes Alan lost his count, because he became engrossed in the music.  I frequently lost my place during the spins, also.  And often, we were both in different places, and I wasn’t even sure who was right and who was wrong.  Then Alan decided he would improvise, and he changed up the steps and count on me.  If you know anything about dancing, I’m sure you know that the man leads and the woman is supposed to follow.  I had a very difficult time with this; I had just learned the steps for the swing, and now Alan wanted to change it up before I even had the correct dance steps down.

As awkward and uncomfortable as the evening was (with being a novice at swing), I look forward to returning once or twice a month to practice and perfect the steps.  In addition, I appreciated Alan’s thoughtfulness to fulfill a desire that I have expressed for years: that we take lessons to learn a dance we can do together.




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2 responses to “One Swingin’ Night

  1. Mandy Devine

    Wow! Alan…I am soooo jealous. Maybe you could be a good influence on my man after all:)

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for making in harder for the rest of the guys that have not given in yet. Stay strong Keith!

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