Slip of the Tongue

Jerry Long, a Wycliffe missionary to Bolivia, to a story of his experiences learning Spanish.  He says that when he and his wife first arrived in Bolivia and were learning Spanish, the teachers encouraged them to get out in in public and practice talking to people.

One day he and his wife took thier children to a public swimming pool where you buy tickets at a little booth to get in.  Standing in line, he carefully practiced in his mind what he needed to say.  At the window, he had to speak loudly so the lady could hear him through the glass, and of course, everyone in the line could hear him too.

He smiled and confidently said his line, and the lady nearly fell off her stool laughing.  A wave of chuckles went back down the line as they passed on what he said.  The lady, wiping away tears and struggling to regain her composure, took his money and gave him the tickets.

It wasn’t until the later it struck him that he had bought tickets for two children and two adulterers.

Even though we will be in Cameroon and speaking French, I can already predict us making a slip of the tongue in much the same manner as Jerry Long.  Please pray for gracious people who have to listen to us.



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