Going After My Lion

Mark Batterson writes “I’m convinced that our deepest regrets at the end of our lives will be the risks not taken, the opportunities not seized, and the dreams not pursued.”  He pens this quote in an article he wrote called Chasing the Lion.  After I read this, I began to think about my lion and if I am chasing it.  I think the older we get, we have a greater propensity to allow the tougher events and challenges to pass us by for a variety of reasons.

I do not ask myself this question one time and answer it once.  I ask myself this question weekly, if not daily.  Have I sucked all the marrow out of the bone, like it is said in the movie Dead Poet’s Society?  To not do these challenging things would be a regret on my death bed.

Africa is one of those Lions for me.  It is something that I have to challenge every now and then, because the lure of comfort is strong.  It would be easy to sit and dream.  It is much more difficult to go and see.  I think all of our lions are in front of us.  Mine roars constantly.  I’m going after mine!



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  1. Natasha

    I look around my little home and I think, “how on earth?” I am in my class enjoying my students and I think “Is this going to happen?” What a situation of trust. It is exciting and I too challenge myself weekly as I try to find balance, insight and direction. I needed to read this today. Thank you

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