Mixed Feelings

As you may already know, at the beginning of February, a civil war started in the capital city of Chad.  Rebels (backed by Sudan) are trying to overthrow Deby, the president of Chad.  As you might imagine, a civil war consists of things like shootings, bombings, and death.  This is difficult for all, Africans and missionaries alike, who are exposed to such conditions.

The instability and conflict in Chad are so bad that the French embassy decided to evacuate the missionaries.  Many of the missionaries are now located in the stable country of Cameroon.  Yes, this is the country that Alan and I will be serving in.

God is using these very sad and unfortunate conditions, allowing Alan to do exactly what he will be doing when we arrive in Africa.  There were so many missionaries that were affected, both adults and children, that Alan is being asked to help provide emergency trauma counseling.  Alan will be flying to Cameroon this Friday and returning a week and a half later.

I am experiencing mixed feelings about this trip.  I am saddened by the conditions that are taking Alan to Cameroon, but excited for him that he will get to use his giftings to help.  I am of course disappointed that I also won’t be going and that Alan will be gone during the one week that I am between semesters.  However, I know that God is in control.

I believe that this trip requires your prayer to be successful.  Please pray for the Africans who are still in the middle of the civil war.  Please pray for the mental health of the missionaries and missionary kids who have had to leave their homes and many of their belongings, in addition to being exposed to terrible and frightening conditions.  Please pray for Alan to have a safe flight and visit in Cameroon.  Please pray for Alan to find the right words to make his work successful.  We can’t do this without you!


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