God: An Equal Opportunity Helper

When I was in Central African Republic in 2001, it became clear to me that God can and does help people simultaneously, no matter how serious or light the situation might be.  A coup dinged the capital city fiercely in 2001.  It had been the third coup in as many years.  The city was in chaos as its people lived in a state of transition.  Imagine, doing that. Living as though your next day might be your final in your house.  The missionaries, unfortunately, were not better off as the scrambled to leave the county as soon as possible.

But the thing that rang true then through the coveted e-mails from home is that God still helped the little first grader who was anxious about starting a new school while he guided those in turmoil in Africa.  You see, I thought like a human.  That God would help those with the greatest need and then after that was done or diminished in severity, God would move on to other innocuous issues.
This thought comes back to me now as I head to Cameroon.  God in his immensity does not use qualifiers or stipulations to determine if he’ll listen.  God loves us as a father would love his children: with completeness, not taking into account shape, color, position, or suffering.  For those with whom I will counsel over the next few days, God is present in their plight and the cause of everyone else around the world.
Good thing I’m not God.
Your Africa Counselor,


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2 responses to “God: An Equal Opportunity Helper

  1. Alvie L. Davidson CG

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts.

  2. Randall & Paula

    God speed and safe travels Alan. May He use you to bless everyone you talk with!

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