The African Alarm Clock

You know that when you begin a trip, especially one that you do not take regularly, you are bound to forget something.  It is inevitable.  Your mind goes over all the things that you will need and slips over one or two things.  This happened to me on this trip in Cameroon.  I forgot my travel alarm clock.  

But the cobwebs in my brain did not stop Africa from offering theirs. Unlike American alarm clocks, Africa’s alarm clocks are natural.  Africa has many types of natural alarm clocks for all who live and visit this continent.  I have discovered three alarm clocks in the short time that I have been in Cameroon.  The first woke me suddenly about 6am.  It was a missionary dropping something right outside my window. (Maybe not African, but it definitely pertains.)  The second, we see everyday in America but it seldom wakes us because we have our curtains closed.  You guessed it: the sun, beaming ever so brightly when it crests the hills.  The final alarm clock came to me as a strange sound with bad smell.  All I heard was a low moan and grunt close to my window.  After I could no longer sleep, I walked outside, looked over the fence to discover my friend the pig.  Dang pig.

These alarm clocks are everywhere in the lives of those people who are in third world countries.  And because I now am briefly living in one, they graciously shared theirs for free.



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  1. Anonymous

    I talk to so many missionaries who leave their place of service and feel as if they have no country…no home… no place to belong! Thanks Guys for caring for those on the front lines!

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