Refugee.  New Oxford American Dictionary defines refugee as “a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.  The word originated form the 17th century meaning to go in search of refuge.  One might hear about refugees from a Nazi persecution or a person in a refugee camp.  In fact, to make the definition quite broad, as long as there have been wars, persecution, and/or natural disasters there have been refugees.

Have you ever thought about a missionary being a refugee?  I never thought of them in this light until today.  Someone used the term, today, about the missionaries who were evacuated, but then quickly dismissed that diction because it should apply only to people with a greater sense of loss or grief.  Maybe the Jews or poor Africans.  But from my perspective and the dictionary it seems that this word is apt in describing these missionaries.

And this is what I have been urged to do.  Work with refugees.  Counsel refugees. Guide refugees.  Catalyze healing for refugees.  Refugees fit all shapes, sizes, and colors and this time they are in the form of missionaries. And I have the honor of counseling them.



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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks, Alan, for your ministry to our refugees. Having been one, I know first hand the importance of what you are doing. Russ

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