Beware of What Is In The Pitcher

On Friday night, the group of missionaries from Chad had a good ol’ fashion bar-b-que with all the fixins.  (And yes this is a word, which can be found in the dictionary.)  This dinner comes at a time after a week of a spiritual retreat for the Chad missionaries.  It was a time of relaxation and renewal.  I quite enjoyed the dinner of sloppy joes and cole slaw, but kept wondering what the missionaries from England, Germany, and New Zealand thought about the American meal.

The odd thing about the whole meal was the water.  You see in Africa, at least this part, all of the water is filtered before it is potable.  But the water I was drinking Friday night, had a funny taste.  It was at that point we began to pass my glass around and everyone agreed with my assessment of the water.  At that point we looked into the pitcher, from which the water was poured and there were these black things sunk at the bottom that resembled…well, it wasn’t good.  Yeah, let’s put it that way to keep this blog PG.

So the African moral of the story is always look in the pitcher before you pour water from it.  



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One response to “Beware of What Is In The Pitcher

  1. The Hanley Family

    I was at a church family’s home here in the DR with four Americans on a short-term trip. The family, customarily, offered us coffee, which I accepted for all of us. I saw something plop out of the coffee pot and assumed it was coffee grounds. Half way through my cup I realized it was a cockroach. I discreetly removed it from my cup, set the cup back on the table, and didn’t tell the rest of the group what I found. I knew the family would be mortified if they knew, and I wanted everyone else to enjoy their coffee.

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