Connection to Chad

There are thousands of missionaries around the world.  They come from likely places, like the United States, Canada, Britain, and France, and they come from unlikely places, like South Korea, Cameroon, Barbados, and Brazil.  In fact, South Korea is the largest exporter of missionaries around the world.  Most, if not all, are doing some fantastic pieces of work with the people with whom they serve.  Some of you are blessed to have a connection to some of those missionaries serving on the front lines.  Others of you don’t–until now.

Now when you think of Chad, hopefully, you will think of those missionaries who were evacuated.  You will pray for them and think about them when you hear of coups.  You might pray for them as some of them are heading back into that war-ravaged country while others will return shortly.  Your connection to them is not a coincidence.  I believe that God doesn’t do things coincidentally.  He is an intentional God.  And he has intentionally put this small band of missionaries in front of you.

The same goes for Cameroon, where Tywonn and I will be serving soon.  Pray for those missionaries and their families.  Pray for us that God will increase our faith and he will strengthen us for the journey.




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2 responses to “Connection to Chad

  1. kd

    did you take that picture?

  2. Anonymous

    It is not easy to understand the life of all the missionaries in those far flung countries. They have to be in all sorts of emotional tangle with the pressures.
    Thanks for the update.

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