The Elephant and The Mouse

Here is a short story about the elephant and the mouse:

“Elephant and Mouse were best friends. One day Elephant said, “Mouse, let’s have a party!” Animals gathered from far and near.

They ate. They drank. They sang. And they danced. And nobody celebrated more and danced harder than Elephant.

After the party was over, Elephant exclaimed, “Mouse, did you ever go to a better party What a blast!”

But Mouse did not answer.

“Mouse, where are you?” Elephant called. He looked around for his friend, and then shrank back in horror.

There at Elephant’s feet lay Mouse. His little body was ground into the dirt. He had been smashed by the big feet of his exuberant friend, Elephant.”

I found this short story on a person’s blog a few days ago.  This person, ironically, was blogging from Cameroon.  What I thought about was how we, as Americans, are metaphorically placed in the Elephant’s shoes, while, third world countries can be exchanged for the mouse in this story.

It would be easy to heap guilt on ourselves with a story like this, so I want to remain far away from that albatross.  What it did make me think, though, was the energy I need exude so to incorporate the mouse in our party.  Or even better, try and decipher what party the third world country is having and join that one.  Wouldn’t that be neat.



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