Trauma Healing

What you have been a witness to is the atrocious and malice that has been occurring in the Central Africa region for about 10 years now. Part of what happened in these sad times is the church played a hand in the conflict and it wasn’t as a peacemaker. There are documented and reported incidents where the church was part of the killing and egregious acts.

Now, however, Wycliffe counselors saw fit to begin working on a book called Trauma Healing. This book outlines how African nationals can begin to work among each other and heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual scars. This book and counselors are being sent to Africa to work with church leaders on how to mediate conflict rather than being a part of it.

This also holds true for me as a Wycliffe counselor and a counselor that is going to Central Africa. I will be able to:

  • Provide counseling to those who have had scars from the years of tribal conflict.
  • Teach mediation techniques to African church leaders.
  • Learn the lessons from those who have been a part of this war.
We cannot do this without your help.  Will you help us get to Africa so that we might be able to help those who have been a part of this war.


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One response to “Trauma Healing

  1. kdegraaf

    hey–so are you going to get trained to use the TH material and lead the workshops? or did you do that already? there will be a training in dallas in Feb….i think it’s a great extra tool to have to serve the local populations in ways that are often much more effective than direct, traditional Tx would be. I could invite you to the new Google group for the TH stuff if you want….

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