Counseling Trends in Africa

Here at the Wycliffe counseling conference we talked about the counseling trends occurring around the world.  There are five regions of the world represented at the conference: Africa, Americas (Central & South), Asia, Pacific, & Europe.  Because this conference is highlighting the international side of Wycliffe, the United States has not been included.

Africa, where we are headed, has some news counseling trends, meaning new counseling issues that are occurring to missionaries and missionary kids.  The first somewhat new trend is the violence happening across Africa, from “stable” Kenya to hectic Central Africa.  This impacted me recently as many of you know when I traveled to Cameroon to counsel those missionaries who had to evacuated Chad because of civil unrest.
Another trend in counseling in Africa is the kind of issues impacting missionary kids.  One trend is cutting or self-mutilation.  (Check out this link if you are unaware what this is.)  Another new trend is usage of Internet.  Now to us here in the States this might seem odd, but to those overseas, the web is only now being used as frequent as it is being here in the States.
These are only a few new trends happening in the world of missionaries and missionary kids.  These things impact us directly as we head towards Cameroon.  Wow!!  Please pray for the missionaries as they deal with these things on a daily basis.

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One response to “Counseling Trends in Africa

  1. Lily

    That is sad when people who don’t know the Lord do those kinds of things, but when you’re on the mission field, you don’t expect that to happen. Who am I kidding? People do stupid things whether Christian or not. It’s just too bad that when people are in pain, they take matters in their own hands, which are sometimes very dangerous, other than taking it to the Lord.

    But that’s what you’ll be there for! BTW, I am praying all will go well on Wednesday.

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