Ghanaian Housing

I know, I know, it has been some time since I have last written.  But I wanted to pass along some good news.

As many of you know we have to go to Ghana before we can go to Cameroon.  This is because I need to do some training specific to our time in Cameroon.  This will put us in Ghana for about 6 months.
We have heard that the cost of housing in this country, especially in Accra, the capital, is very expensive for Africa.  Well, we just heard back today from some of our contacts there that a place will open up next spring for us to move into; and it will be much cheaper than originally expected.  This is such a blessing as we prepare to head to Africa.
Thanks for your prayers and support!!

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One response to “Ghanaian Housing

  1. Lily

    Yay! It’s all coming together! It was good seeing you Alan…I hope you enjoyed your trip. Looking forward to seeing you both in January.

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