Things keep disappearing

As we get get ready to leave, we are having to put our things–all of our possessions–up for sale.  This might be hard to imagine for some.  It is for me.  I have many things that are special to me.  For example, I have kayaks in which I take pride.  Now that I have sold them and the accompanying truck rack, my truck looks sad.

Others items have been sold, like end tables, a rug, car jack, car ramps, a queen bed, and an office chair.  This is making the house look eerily empty.  I find that who I am is wrapped up in what I have.  I wouldn’t have though this as I am a minimalist.
Oh well, everything goes.  And more will go.  All we will own is what we can put in a suitcase.  I never thought my life would get that small.

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