Ok, I’m sitting out here at my post (see pic), waiting for the droves of people who are destined to come and by our stuff.  However, they didn’t get that message.  I did all the right things like pray, put out signs, and list it on Craigslist.  Gotta try something else next time.

For real, it is kinda neat to be selling everything.  I heard a story one time from a preacher, who employed this young kid.  One day this kid quit and the preacher didn’t really like it.  So they go in an argument.  The kid piped up and said that the reason the preacher was mad was because he couldn’t fit everything he owned into a bag and take off whenever he wanted.
I know this vagabond lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it is for us and it very exciting.  We will be able 

to pack everything we own into a few bags.  We aren’t taking the bathroom stuff, the heavy winter clothes, my roller hockey skates, gas cans, a microwave,  or mason jars.
Well, gotta run.  Got a customer.  They heard my prayers:)

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