Goodbye 9 to 5r; Hello Missionary Life

Yesterday was my last day of work at the hospital.  I must admit that it is bittersweet.  It symbolizes the end of one, well-known chapter of my life and the beginning of a very new one.  Saying goodbye to close friends and coworkers who I’ve been around for 40 hours every week for the last 3 1/2 years wasn’t easy.  Some of the people had become like family to me.  Today I also said farewell to the first shift routine that I’ve had . . . well, since kindergarden.  My unstructured future lacking an established routine may prove to be a challenge for my personality that I will have to make a point to overcome.  The sweet part of this deal is that it represents to me one large leap towards the reality that Alan and I are truly moving overseas to Africa.  This is something I’ve desired and worked towards for over 9 years.  I’m excited to step into my future and see what is in store for me.



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One response to “Goodbye 9 to 5r; Hello Missionary Life

  1. terry Tinsley

    Tywonn, I know how bittersweet is it to leave a job too, and from all the people that you have known so well for so long. I feel so excited for you though. What a great adventure. Abraham probably felt the same way when he left his home, but what great rewards. But his faith carried him through and as you know will carry you and Alan through too. I will be going on this adventure with you for I will be reading about all you are doing and all you are seeing. My niece and nephew will be going this year as well and are very excited too. Take care, God bless you and Alan Terry Tinsley

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