What is a term?

A common question I get asked these days is, “How long are you and Tywonn going to stay in Africa?”  And my usual response is until God wants us to come back.  But there is a little more to that answer because we really plan on remaining in Africa about three to four years.  That is the common length of time a missionary remains on their field before they come home for six months to a year, which is called a furlough.

But the main reason I think about this question tonight, is a new statistic I heard about missionary attrition.  40% of missionaries leave the field after their first term overseas.  That’s astounding!!  Most missionaries spend at least one year and sometimes three years preparing to go abroad, only to turn around after their first term and call it quits.
That is where I hope to come in and stem the missionary attrition by giving them and their children needed counsel and direction where there might seem none.  Counsel from a licensed counselor who is trained in helping those without hope.  My desire is to lessen this number in Cameroon and with it affect thousands of Africans for God!
What do you think about these percentages and attrition?

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