Ghana, Here We Come!!

GhanaJust a quick note to say that we have purchased our plane tickets to Ghana.  WoooooHoooooo.  We will fly out of Tampa on April 13th and layover in Detroit and Amsterdam before landing in Accra, Ghana on April 14th.

Thanks for all your support during our journey.  Some of you might be asking why we are going to Ghana first.  We’ll answer that in full detail before we leave.




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3 responses to “Ghana, Here We Come!!

  1. osa gill

    GOD IS SO GOOD. We are very happy for you.
    Oh you will have so many suprises comming up,
    so keep blogging and we will keep on praying.
    Joyfully Osa and Loren Gill

  2. Mandy Devine

    Wow, how does having that date finally in front of you feel??? I’m so excited for you guys! What a journey to get to this point…the exciting part is the journey is really just beginning : ) I think I’m a little envious remembering the excitement of stepping out with the Lord and starting such a huge adventure with him. Love you both!! Can’t wait to here more…

  3. Soo excited for the both of you. Even more excited for the families you will impact and the lives that will be reached for Christ as a result of your efforts! Praying abundant blessings your way!!!!

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