Christianity and the Rest of the World

Check out this link on a study that was recently done. It is a long read, but a good one.

These African leader experience many challenges on the road ahead and I am privileged to be working with them in some of workshops here in West and Central Africa.


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  1. “Evangelicals want true religion, real Christianity. The heart of evangelicalism, therefore, is neither theological, nor political, nor commercial, nor therapeutic. It tends to be personal first, then small-group communal second; it aims to make Christianity real to ordinary people. Calling evangelicals “other-worldly” never did capture the spirit of their outlook. They focus on personal character formation as well as on eternal salvation. They value being good and doing good, but they are more intent on changing themselves than on changing the world. Indeed, one classic evangelical social ethic that Noll identified and several of these studies’ authors found still current today is that the best way to change the world is through changing hearts, one at a time. ”

    Changing hearts one at a time….I like the sound of that. Thanks for sharing:)

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