Life in Ghana

Well, It’s Saturday here and I’m sitting under the canopy of a large almond tree. Yep, almond tree. I didn’t even know they existed in Africa. We’ve even got to sample some of the almonds. Digressing, we arrived in Accra, Ghana, the capital, on Tuesday evening. It is has been like drinking from the fire hose on information learning the street names, people’s names, dog’s names, food, shopping, counseling, and on and on.  I remember my brain working much better when I was in Central African Republic in 2001.  I’m getting old!

Getting entrenched in Ghanian life is done slowly, but we have participated in some very Ghanian things already.  We walked home last evening from where I work.  It was about a 40 minute walk, but most Ghanians do this daily.  We’ve eaten red-red, a very Ghanian dish of black-eyes peas and plantains.  Yes, God knew that I would need black-eyed peas to survive.  We’ve gone to the Accra mall

Accra Mall

Accra Mall

 and Malata


market, which is much smaller the famous Makola Market.

Malata Market

Malata Market

Jet lag is pretty much gone and now we get down to figuring out how to live in this bustling city.

Keep up!  These 10 months will go fast.


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