First Need

Many of you graciously told us when we left if there was a need that arose to let you know.  We have our first need.

When we raised all of our budget, we raised the minimum amount set out for us to survive.  So, any additional expenses are a big strain on our budget.  Getting our luggage to Ghana has been the first strain on the budget.  The airlines, Northwestern and KLM, would not allow the extra luggage and charged us $300 for two extra bags. 

If there is anyone who might be willing to meet this need would be greatly appreciated.  There are two ways to financially meet this need.  The first is to contribute through Wycliffe.  Go to this LINK.  Our account # is 200572.  OR mail the gift to my parents in FL, who will deposit it into our account. Their address is 4825 N. Galloway Rd., Lakeland, FL  33810. 

Many of you are already giving and are not participating in the recession. For that we are thankful as many are going without during these tough economic time. 

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Alan & Tywonn


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3 responses to “First Need

  1. $100 of the $300 has come in.

    God continues to use you to meet our need.

  2. Alicia Hatcher

    Wish you guys the very best in everything you do!!

  3. All $300 has come in. It is neat to see God work through the lives of others to meet our needs.


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