Ghana and Missions

Small Group Time

Small Group Time

I posted on our Wordless Wednesday blog a picture from the Ghanaian missions conference I and others from MMCT attended.  As can be seen in the picture, this was a missions conference put on by Ghanaians and had a majority of Ghanaians attending it.  But I couldn’t talk about it on Wednesday because then it wouldn’t be wordless.

Ghana is what people in missiology calla new sending country, meaning that they have recently begun to send out missionaries from local churches to places within Ghana and around the world as missionaries.  This might come as a shock to many of you who think that the only people who go as missionaries are those in the West.  Ghana and many other African countries are rapidly changing that pervasive thought with a focused directive to send and commission people as missionaries.

The time there was fruitful as I got to see firsthand how Ghanaians look at missions.  It is neat to see how babes in missions give us older traditional sending countries a new fresh look at what has become mundane in many parts of the West.  If you’re interested in this kind of thing, look up “newer sending countries” + missions in Google and see what you get.


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