Wordless Wednesday: New Motorcycle!





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10 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: New Motorcycle!

  1. Tywonn if you figure out how to ride side-saddle you’ll fit right in next time you are in the DR.

  2. Charlene Canada

    Motorcycle? I thought you said scooter. 🙂 Just be careful on the roads if there’s laterite (sp?). Mark wiped out in CAR on that stuff on a cycle. Have fun buzzing around town.

  3. mom

    what are you doing? trying to be like us!

  4. Oh my goodness!! This is fantastic! You both look so natural. You’ll be zooming all over the place in no time.
    vroom vroom…..Be careful:)

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  6. Dianne

    I think I need to check this more often. As long as you don’t come back with some burly motorcycle tatoo! I think women in the old west rode horses in their long skirts so we haven’t evolved much!

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