The Art of Motorcycle Buying

So, imagine yourself going to purchase a motorcycle.  What would be some of the things you would look?  How does the engine run?  Do the lights work?  How’s the upholstery?  How are the tires?

I know those are all good things, but not the most important.  You missed the horn.  Yes, the horn.  At every shop we frequented, the salesman would crank up the moto (that’s what they call them here) and hit the horn.  It was as if the horn was a vital selling point.  I couldn’t help but laugh at it after every salesman would do this.

We–I had another missionary and a Ghanaian–accompanying me on the purchase.  The missionary was buying a moto also, while the Ghanaian was making sure we didn’t get ripped.  Good idea.  The process didn’t take as long as I thought it would have taken.  We bought two motos in half a day.  Mine was ready to ride by the next day.  It is a Haojin 125-9.  If anyone can find any info on it, please let me know.  I can’t anything and what I do find is written in Mandarin.

Also, I was thinking if our support began to dip below the horizon, I could use it as a taxi.




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5 responses to “The Art of Motorcycle Buying

  1. Russ

    Alan…do you know that whiteafrican is my son? Congrats on your new piki piki.

    • Yeah, somehow I found that out not too long ago. Ya’ll look nothing alike:) I’m trying to get in touch with him to ask him how I would go about getting an iphone to work in Africa and the US. I’ve emailed and he hasn’t responded. Do you have another email for him or can his dad get him to respond:)

  2. Becky

    Congrats on the new ride! I better not be charged for a ride! 🙂 In Egypt, a good horn was necessary for driving as that was how the drivers communicated with each other (turn signals-what are they?). I think I’m finally not hearing the constant sounds of honking in my sleep anymore!

  3. Greg

    how does it feel to be back on a piki piki again?

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