Swayin’ in Ghana


Bob Marley is huge here in Ghana.  But the concert I went to last night was a free Christian concert, as it was explained to me.  So, I guess we weren’t jammin’ with Bob but swaying with Jesus.  The event was advertised on the internet as starting at 5:30 pm, but the bulletin we were handed stated 6.  However, in African style, we watched the crew finish setting up the stage and the event started around 7 pm.  It was an evening celebrating a Ghanaian chorale composer, Kenn Kafui, put on by an organization called Salt and Light Ministries.  I thought it was awesome that a successful Ghanain was being celebrated.  The event took place in the National Theatre in Accra (a building shaped like a ship) and was attended by the general public, elegantly dressed for the special event, and honored guests with front row seats like the Cuban Ambassador and a gentleman clothed in traditional garb carrying a decorative staff (I think he was a chief).  


The composer had a great introduction; he paraded down the aisle accompanied by men playing the African drums and other hand-held percussion instruments.  The songs were short, only a few minutes in length, and were sung in another language to the sound of an organ.  Most of the songs reminded me of Hymns from church; however, one particular song had a sound very different from the others.  It had a great, definitive beat.  With the blessings of the host, younger members of the audience stood to dance at their seats and wave handkerchiefs while they sang along.  I remember thinking that this wouldn’t happen back in the states.  I only wish I’d carried an audio recorder so you could hear them as well!




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4 responses to “Swayin’ in Ghana

  1. Hey guys, Sounds like you had a great night! No doubt you will get to experience many more sights and sounds like this! It is so exciting to be following you guys on your journey. What an adventure you have begun:)

  2. Also I love the sound of percussion instruments! Its the rythum i am sure. I can never listen to sounds like these and sit still.

  3. I sure wish we had thought of getting a hand held recorder so you could have recorded some of that music.
    Twould have been great for you to upload to your blog.

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