Senegalize Prayer


carte-geographique-senegalHopefully, on Friday about midnight Ghana time, I’ll be flying to Senegal to facilitate a workshop for missionaries.  The workshop is on interpersonal skills, which missionaries constantly rate as the number one reason they leave the field.  I will be in Senegal for about two weeks.

The request for prayer comes in because I need my Ghanaian visa to get out the country.  We’ve been working on this for about 2 weeks and its coming down to the wire.  Pray that it comes in soon or no Senegal trip!




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4 responses to “Senegalize Prayer

  1. afrikarissa

    It’s not going to be any warmer in Senegal!!

  2. Charlene Canada

    Hey. Will you be facilitating with Scott Hicks? He’s a friend of ours. And is this your first facilitation, Alan? Would love to hear how it goes. We did our first back in November.

  3. No, I won’t be facilitating with Scott. I think he was pretty busy with Dakkar Academy stuff.

    I did my first SYIS in March. I did it with NTM missionaries. Overall, it pretty well. So, this will be my second, but I’m glad I did my first in the US.

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