Wordless Wednesday–Art Showing


























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6 responses to “Wordless Wednesday–Art Showing

  1. jenpez

    Wow, gorgeous paintings.

    It gives me a feeling similar as if I were looking at a photograph. It’s really enjoyable!

    • And there were many I didn’t post on here due to the speed of our internet here in Ghana. The neatest aspect of it all was these paintings were done by an expat here in Accra.

      You can many paintings done by African as you travel across the continent. But rarely (I’ve never seen it) you’ll see paintings about Africa done by an expat.

      • jenpez

        They are really nice paintings. I know some original African paintings, some relatives of mine own some paintings and sculptures.

        They are always nice too look at and to be seen, specially when they’re very colorful.

  2. The third is definately my favorite! Captures the spirit. Like I said makes you want to move.
    Okay…I don’t know what an expat is.

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