Tema: A Seafood Lover’s Dream


They just didn't want to be eaten

They just didn't want to be eaten

Since returning from Senegal, I’ve done a bunch of sleeping and getting re-acclimated to the heat of Ghana.  Saturday was a day that I broke from that routine, although heat was definitely a part of it, and drove to a town to the east of Accra called Tema.  

Tema is basically the fishing capital of Ghana.  It has a paradox of production plants, from the large machined monstrosities to the diminuitive well tanned Ghanaian sitting beside her silver bowl of three inch fish.  The ships are also a contradiction in almost every way, with the large floating ships looming off the horizon, while the smaller hand hewn multicolored boats dock at your feet.

Most of the time you’ll find what you want when you go as seafood is in abundance–Prawns, Grouper, Red Snapper, Lobster (not the big Maine kind), and many I’ve never seen.  The only problem is having enough money to get all you want.  We did bring enough to get some Prawns, Grouper, Red Snapper, and Tuna, and have already eaten pan-seared Red Snapper.

Finding the little things in Ghana make it all worth while.



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  1. Rob

    That picture is awesome.

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