Barcelona Wins!!

Barcelona won the Champions League championship last night Manchester Untied.  Now most of you know that I am sports nut.  If you don’t believe me I watched competitive putt putt on ESPN in my college days.  Digressing, even though I am sport fanatic I do have to draw the line, and this is where it is drawn.  No futbol. Soccer. Swarm Ball.  Whatever you call it.  So really, I could care less about who won.

BUT, it was neat to walk along the streets in Accra looking at tons of people crowded around a small black and white fuzzy television watching this game.  The streets were empty.  This game reminded me of our Super Bowl.  It brought the culture together in a similar vein.  In a strange way it made me feel like I was back home.



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2 responses to “Barcelona Wins!!

  1. MaryDecker

    if you are going to live in africa, i think you are going to have to learn to love “futball”… 🙂

  2. bobbygee

    Barca kicked butt. Check out my Blog. Bobby Gee. I love Brasilian futebol. My wife is from Brasil..

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